Saturday, December 16, 2006

Socks and Beta Blows

So I thought I would switch to the new Blogger Beta because, well, what the hell? Everytime I log on to Blogger I was prompted to switch. I kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend hours playing with HTML and templates. I wish I had continued to listen to myself. As you can see things have changed here. Some for the better (color) and some for the worse (links, sidebar items, and just about everything else). Just when I thought I got the basics of HTML and CSS down, Blogger Beta has changed how it does things "to make it simple". Ha! I can't figure out for the life of me how to get my links back up with their buttons, not to mention how to get rid of the green bar across the top of my title header. So over the next week or so I hope to get these things squared away and have the original links and other items back up. If you don't see them, it means I am still struggling.

I finally have a pair of knitted socks that fit me perfectly! The picture doesn't show the exquisite fit only because they are ankle socks which would mean you'd have to see my hairy legs. (I haven't shaved in like, oh.... weeks... and don't go "Ew!" because I have good reason. I have sensitive, dry skin that irritates easily and it's now winter.) But take my word for it: these socks are perfect! I put every bit of knitting effort into them, even breaking a needle and precariously having to fix dropped stitches because of it.

The socks are made with Katia Mississippi yarn in the Khaki/Citrus colorway.

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I haven't washed them yet, but they are a cotton/acrylic blend that is machine wash and dryable. The first pair of socks I made that the DH wears as slipper socks went through the wash. Mind you, not of my doing... DH did a load of his laundry and machine washed and dried these wool socks. I was surprised to see that only the heel felted a bit. He says they shrunk a tiny bit, not enough to effect the fit.

Can you believe I have absolutely nothing on the needles right now??? I must get moving and get the needles in gear. I must take advantage of all the knitting time on school break!

Oh, and an animal update: Handsome has become a very brave boy. His Grammy won't like hearing this because she thinks we starve our 20 pound cat, but last night he was hungry enough to come down into Doggy Land and ask to be fed. Both the DH and I just about fell over when we heard a little meow while sitting on the couch and turned to see Mr. Kitty walking over to us. Not one ounce of fear as he casually sauntered over to us with his famous swagger. Fortunately for him, BBDS was already asleep as it was 10PM. And yes, Grammy, I went upstairs and fed him. His ribs are no longer poking out.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have officially been knitting for one year. That flew by! My knitting trials and tribulations have fortunately been kept to a minimum, and have only found myself in one yarn tangle. I managed to knit 2 afghans, several baby sweaters, a tank top for me that didn't fit, another sweater (that did fit), a pair of socks, and a big nipple (you know, that hat).

I finished my last final today. I somehow, by sheer miracle, got a 91 on it. I say this is a miracle because very little of the test questions pertained to covered class material. Not sure exactly why that was done, but at least its over. I am awaiting one more grade for a pharmacology paper that my 4.0 is resting on.

So I mentioned briefly that my SP9 pal is a daring girl. Yes, indeed she is! She risked her identity (and her life, according to the BBDS) to give me my lovely gifts. This kamikaze left the gift on my front steps, then ran for her life back to her car. I caught her car as she was pulling away, then noticed the package on the steps. I had no clue as to what it was, and was afraid to open it as it could have been a bomb. (Ya, a bomb...haven't you watched those forensic shows?) But I saw through top of the package and noticed yarn. Come to think of it, though, it still could have been a bomb...especially if it was from someone who knows me. How easy would it be to just throw yarn over the bomb? I'd snatch yarn out of an alligator's jaw. Why an alligator would have yarn is beyond me, as they are cold blooded and can adapt to their environment and probably wouldn't knit... but still...I'd be going for the yarn. If the yarn is ticking, well, I might have second thoughts. Included in my gift is the lovely sock yarn you see below, as well as Reese's and hot chocolate! The Reese's is pretty much gone...

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KnitPicks Memories in Prairie. Perfect!!!

Thank you, SP!

Well, I can hear my needles calling me name and the couch calling for my ass... I must take advantage.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Quack Quack

I actually have several things I should post but will have to come back later this week to post the rest of it. Here are the DH's duck feet with my first complete pair of socks! He's actually been wearing them as slipper socks around the house and says they are warm and wicking. The wicking was a big deal, as he thought hand made socks would make his feet sweat.

My Secret Pal has proved she is a daring participant of SP9. She must live locally because she hand delivered my gifts to the front door. I didn't see her, but saw her car roll away. I love what she got me, and I will post pictures later this week.

The kitties are all done with school. I'm not, but they said they've had enough and prefer to spend their day relaxing in place of studying. I can't blame them. I look forward to having several weeks of laying around as well.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Rabbit, Rabbit!

It's the first of the month, people, so you know what that means... say your Rabbits for good luck. He he.

The schitzo knit-a-thon is complete. I am down to just one project. Two of the finished objects are here:

The Roomy Baby Cardigan Part Deux
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The Cabled Afghan
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As I am working out the kinks on my adaptation of the Roomy Baby Cardigan, I decided that I would knit another one in the 12 month size. I used Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (yes, the stuff my LYS was discontinuing because it wasn't good enough!) and it's very soft. I have some left to make another one, which I will at some point as the sleeves are what needs to be resized. Look how tiny they are at the wrist! Yikes... at least it's ribbing so it stretches. And I got a bit carried away with buttonholes. There's 9 stinking buttons on this little sweater.
The afghan is made from Caron Simply Soft. Not sure if I would use it again. Perhaps if they made a chunky version I would use it to make another afghan. It shows the cables nicely. For anyone thinking cables are hard and intimidating... think again. This was my first attempt and it came out marvelous!
I'm trying to inspire these girls to knit.
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But as you can see, they were much more interested in just wearing my knits and posing for the camera. They gave me an extensive list of items they need knitted. Not sure when I will get to it, but eventually it will find its way on the needles. And do you notice the Nipple Hat? She loved it and took it home, nipple and all. (But I didn't point out the obvious nipple atop her head. She's only 12!)
Stay tuned for the socks...they will be appearing on the DH's duck feet on a computer monitor near you.