Monday, August 28, 2006

Yarn Candy for your Drooling

Aahhh... nothing like new yarn! And nothing like yarn that was on sale!

Today I went to the LYS, that specializes in high end yarns and notions, to pick up an extra skein of Classic Elite Premiere for the baby cardigan I am knitting. I also needed an Addi Turbo size 8 in the 40 inch length for an afghan I will be making for someone at work. So while I was there I looked around and came up with a fabulous idea! Why not make another baby cardigan out of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino? Excellent! I chose girl colors this time, even though I do not know any baby girls that could wear it. Maybe I will in the future.

And here it is, for your viewing pleasure:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I also received my first order from KnitPicks last Friday. I ordered sock yarns even though I have yet to knit a sock. But here is the inspiration:

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I do have one complaint about my LYS. They are the snobbiest yarn snobs I have ever encountered. I know knitters who refuse to knit in acrylics, polyesters, and nylons. I know knitters who will only knit with certain animal fibers. And even I have caught a touch of the snobbery bug myself, but try only to buy at a discount or on eBay. But these people top the list!

The store carries mostly natural fibers and most skeins and hanks are priced over $10 each. I was looking at a new yarn they had on display that was 100% fake fibers...and the employee ran over and pointed out, "You know, it's acrylic!" Like I might not want to even be touching it. And the owner never greats me as she does the other custumers. Well, actually she used to great me until she realized that I mostly shopped their discount and discontinued sections. She actually had made the comment to me on my previous trip that she noticed I always head to "the loft" (the discount section). The Debbie Bliss I bought today was being discontinued because they felt it wasn't high enough quality for their store. I was surprised to hear they thought Debbie Bliss wasn't high end...hmph! Shows you what I know. I was also told today that the Classic Elite Premiere I'm loving right now will also be discontinued. I will be watching for it in their loft section, much to the owners chagrin! He he.

There was another shopper looking around and chatting with the owner. He wasn't from the area, he was from Massachusetts, and shopped the stores outside of Boston. (Oh, had I only been a knitter when I lived in the city! All that yarn! All those LYS's!) He stopped at some silks and cashmeres and cut the owner off midsentence: "Oh my! One hundred and twenty five dollars?" He was incredulous! Immediately the owner and another employee (one that I do like) defended the price, pointing out that it had a lot of yardage. I'm not sure how many yards that hank of cashmere was... I would guess around 400. But I found the exchange humorous. I am sure he will go back to his LYS's in Massachusetts.

Well, I must go off and knit, but here is a picture I had to share. The Handsome Boy and The Squawker cuddling together on my bed. It's a bit fuzzy, and they wouldn't recreate the scene to allow me to get a better shot.
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Crazy Cat Person said...

They sound like a bunch of jerks!

blackpurl said...

the yarn looks gorgeous!