Thursday, December 07, 2006


I have officially been knitting for one year. That flew by! My knitting trials and tribulations have fortunately been kept to a minimum, and have only found myself in one yarn tangle. I managed to knit 2 afghans, several baby sweaters, a tank top for me that didn't fit, another sweater (that did fit), a pair of socks, and a big nipple (you know, that hat).

I finished my last final today. I somehow, by sheer miracle, got a 91 on it. I say this is a miracle because very little of the test questions pertained to covered class material. Not sure exactly why that was done, but at least its over. I am awaiting one more grade for a pharmacology paper that my 4.0 is resting on.

So I mentioned briefly that my SP9 pal is a daring girl. Yes, indeed she is! She risked her identity (and her life, according to the BBDS) to give me my lovely gifts. This kamikaze left the gift on my front steps, then ran for her life back to her car. I caught her car as she was pulling away, then noticed the package on the steps. I had no clue as to what it was, and was afraid to open it as it could have been a bomb. (Ya, a bomb...haven't you watched those forensic shows?) But I saw through top of the package and noticed yarn. Come to think of it, though, it still could have been a bomb...especially if it was from someone who knows me. How easy would it be to just throw yarn over the bomb? I'd snatch yarn out of an alligator's jaw. Why an alligator would have yarn is beyond me, as they are cold blooded and can adapt to their environment and probably wouldn't knit... but still...I'd be going for the yarn. If the yarn is ticking, well, I might have second thoughts. Included in my gift is the lovely sock yarn you see below, as well as Reese's and hot chocolate! The Reese's is pretty much gone...

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KnitPicks Memories in Prairie. Perfect!!!

Thank you, SP!

Well, I can hear my needles calling me name and the couch calling for my ass... I must take advantage.

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your secret pal said...

Happy Blogiversary! :)

I'm glad you like the yarn. More goodies are on their way... maybe by carrier pigeon this time. ;)