Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Field Trip

Remember being in school and going on a field trip, how exciting it was to go some place other than school on a school day? The most exciting field trip was in the 6th grade. It was to an area amusement park and it was for pure fun. No learning required. I was so excited about that field trip that I made a contruction paper chain of rings, so as each day went by I tore off a ring. Once the last ring remained it was just a day away... it was very exciting to finally get to that last ring (probably because there were about 60 rings to start with). Some kids may know these construction paper chains as a way to count down to Christmas. Well, I used it for the field trip.

So today my work SnB group went on a field trip to an area yarn shop. The LYS, as previously mentioned, is full of yarn snobs and several of the women in the SnB are intimidated. (As once pointed out by the Crazy Cat Person... their money is as green as anyone elses, so screw them! Amen!) They didn't know that just over the state border was another great store, which I have also mentioned in previous posts.

We spent two hours there pawing over all the fabulous yarns. I used the trip to search for SP9 yarn, and found something that I hope my SP will like. And surprisingly, I was not the top runner in yarn purchasing. I came in second at $95. (The top spender forked over about $120). So what did I get, you ask? Here it is:

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And here Squawker sniffs it over, ensuring it worthy of being added to the stash

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I bought the Classic Elite Yarns Second Edition which had several designs that I liked. The cover has a great cabled cardigan that looks like it would be very cozy around the house. There is also a pull over v-neck sweater that would great with a t-shirt and jeans. One design I totally am baffled by: the Asymmetrical Cardigan. This thing looks like you dressed yourself in the dark, or while you were drunk... actually it looks more like both! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

On the yarn front, I got 10 balls of GGH Scarlett... 2 in a sage green and 8 in a medium shade of taupe. I couldn't resist this one... its so soft and lightweight that I thought it would be perfect for a summer tank. Next is the 5 hanks of Classic Elite Flash... I love the variegation on this line of yarn that I had to get more. I plan a little girls sweater for it. And finally, I bought 4 balls of some french mercerized eqyption cotton in a deep blue. I'm not sure what the brand is; I have never seen it before and the label is mostly in French. But The Hub Mills Store is full of unknown yarns and lines that didn't make it to the market.

I also recently placed an order with YarnMarket that should be here this week. I can't wait! More sock yarn... for all the sock that I have to learn how to knit!


your secret pal said...

The initials of that LYS wouldn't happen to be ELI, would they? ;)

The new yarn looks gorgeous, by the way. :)

Squawker Girl said...

It might be....