Sunday, January 14, 2007

Secret Pal Goodies!

Yay! Thank you, SP! You have done it again! You have fine tuned your Mission Impossible tasks by stealthily leaving another package at our front door. Although, the BBDS did help provide you cover. Her barking and usual attack mode at the sound of the doorbell won you some time to get away without a trace!

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I ended up having a dream out the KnitPicks Andean Silk. My mother was knitting a scarf with it in stockingette stitch and it wasn't curling! I was amazed for two reasons: 1. That the stockingette wasn't curling one bit and 2. My mother was knitting!

One thing not seen here is the Trader Joe's peanut butter cups...(insert Homer voice over here)mmmm...peanut butter cups.... And where did you get those fruit snacks? They are awesome! The earrings are just as delicious!

Thank you, SP!!! Hope to meet you soon!

1 comment:

your secret pal said...

Well, the fiancee helped this time. He is better at ding-dong-ditch than I am. :)
I think I got those particular fruit leathers at Shaw's, but I know that Hannaford has them and Trader Joe's usually has them as well.

All will be revealed at the end of the month...