Saturday, November 25, 2006

My First Sock and First Turkey!

How often do those two things get blogged about together?

So I have successfully completed my first knitted sock. It's lovely! It feels softer on the foot than in the hands. And even the DH is convinced a pair of knitted socks is something he needs.

It looks great on his foot... a perfect fit!
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A bit baggy on mine, but oh so comfortable!
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I know I am potentially committing sock suicide here, but I am not casting on for the next sock until I get that damn afghan done. Just a little ways to go on it, but it's dragging on.

Off to the turkey....
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Looks good, but it got cooked with one of the plastic bags inside. No one knew until after they ate their meal, and no one tasted any plastic. I must say, though, that something felt very wrong about cooking a turkey. I guess I prefer my meat to have no resemblance to the animal it was so that I don't feel so bad about it dying (and especially how it died).

I haven't shared anything about the Big Bad Doggy Sister here in a while. Here is another picture to further prove just how "bad" she is!

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That was her on Thanksgiving morning. She was not getting up off her bed for anything. She didn't even lift her head when I came down to see her. What a life...I'm jealous!


Anonymous said...

the sock and the turkey look great!

Robin said...

I was just reading a previous post that you made. You should be VERY PROUD of that 4.0 in GRAD SCHOOL. I would be telling all my friends and family that, but that would mean I would have to go to college.