Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lost in Knitting Schizophrenia

I have only 4 weeks left in this school term, which means I have a lot to do and tons to study. Yet I have felt the obsessive need to start knitting several things. I have the afghan (still) in progress, which is a Christmas gift I am making for a coworkers daughter. It's my first paid knitting endeavor. I have also knit another Roomy Baby Cardigan, but still have the buttons to sew on, so that won't be posted until then. The reason I haven't got around to those buttons is because I started working on a cowl neck sweater for myself. Its coming out quite nice, and is knitting up quickly. I just have 1 1/2 sleeves and the cowl neck to do. And I also bought some Lion Brand Suede to make pillow covers for the couch. I couldn't help myself because A.C. Moore was having a sale on the LB suede and I hate my couch pillows. They are sagging and bunched into little stuffing balls. It's like laying your head on a big testicle sack. Figures... thats what you get from the fake sale items at Kohls. A.C. Moore had some nice pillows that were only $6 each! I now just have to come up with a pattern for the covers. I'll fit that in somewhere between studying, work, and blogging!

I was told to watch for my first SP9 package! I can't wait! And neither can Squawker! She just loves knitting items that come in boxes!

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