Friday, October 13, 2006

Procrastination is the Name of the Game

I am so good at procrastinating. Today I am spending the day studying and attempting to understand the ovarian and endometrial cycles in depth, but finding myself looking for other things to do. I am actually contemplating housework...which I hate doing (except vacuuming with the ever-powerful, almighty Dyson). But I'm doing my best staying here at the computer. And knitting is totally out of the question right now, even though I can clearly visualize the afghan draped over the chair and the cardigan on the coffee table and can almost hear the needles whispering, "Come pick me up! Come wrap yarn around me!"

Several minutes ago I went downstairs to heat up some lunch and came back to find that Squawker had taken over.

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How cute is this?? Too bad she couldn't do the heavy duty reading and tell me all about it after.

And then there is Handsome Boy. But he's under the impression that we can't see him since he's tucked his face under himself. Nope, I can't see you, Handsome!

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