Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yarn Addict Going Cold Turkey


Here's why: If I keep buying yarn then I will go broke. That's pretty straightforward.

Seriously, there have been and will be some changes financially that just have to put yarn last on the list. Here are the top ten reasons why I must go cold turkey:

  1. I'm going back to school. And grad school is expensive! Over the next two years, I will shell out close to $30,000 on tuition, books, and the never ending fees that colleges seems to drum up.
  2. I am working less. Instead of the typical 32-44 hours I was working, I will be down to approximately 24-28 hours a week. And maybe less some weeks depending on the amount of school work that needs to be done.
  3. We bought a new car. YAY!! Good bye white bread Corrolla... hello challah bread Subaru!
  4. We bought tin tile for our kitchen backsplash and the dining room ceiling. That cost $1100. The next Discover card bill will be atrocious!
  5. I booked an anniversary/birthday trip for the DH. That cost another $1100 for just airfare, event tickets to the UFC re-match between Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, and hotel. This is not including meals, etc. Again, that Discover bill will be something fierce.
  6. DH wants to put a tile floor in the kitchen. Which I am all for... I hate the vinyl floor we currently have, which doesn't clean well at all. But that will cost us, I am sure.
  7. We have added another monthly bill to our repertoire: life insurance. Well, we hope, actually, as we haven't had the mandatory blood and urine tests and medical record reviews by the insurance company registered nurse. You never know, but they can always try to find a reason for denial. But my guess is they won't, so this one stays on the list.
  8. You know, I do have a lot of yarn. Quite a bit. Some I have no idea what I plan to do with.
  9. We still owe another $600 to our wedding photographer. Urg! That's a whole other story for a later date. If I can tolerate it.
  10. There's always something that you don't anticipate, so I will leave that as my last reason.

However, if I am having yarn DT's then there is always the back up plan. eBay! I can use my PayPal account towards some yarn. And nothing better than money earned through sales on eBay to go towards purchases on eBay. You never miss a dime this way.

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