Saturday, September 23, 2006

My Personal Adventures as Wonder Woman

As some of you know, I was Wonder Woman as a child. Well, I was in training, actually, and the most serious of stunts I was able to perform was to eat popsicles while simultaneously getting it to drip down to the elbows. And I was really good at it. I think I may have had several costume changes during those years thanks to Wonder Woman's mother, who kept the supply at par. Even though, at 4, the costume was just these:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I was still able to begin my training without the magic lasso, the super strength giving belt, and the bullet deflecting bracelets.

But then I got too big to fit into my underroos, and they just didn't make them for older girls. And it was next to impossible to find them for adults (let alone big girl adults) except for a random stumbling upon a website that has restored my capabilities:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yes, Ladies and Gentleman, the Wonder Woman Underroos are back! And they fit me! And so now, when I clean the house, study, study, and more study, do the grocery shopping, take care of our animals, pay the bills, work, and cook dinner, and all of the other things I do but am forgetting about I will be wearing these. This way it will be obvious of my capabilities, that I am Wonder Woman Domestic, the new realistic version of her.

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This is what most people expect Wonder Woman to look like. Unfortunately I do not even come close... but now I will get the appreciation that I deserve for all of the capabilities that I have! Had it not been for my new found Wonder Woman costume, I would still be the boring suburban wife that I thought I would never become.

All hail Wonder Woman Domestic!


Crazy Cat Person said...

I want a picture of the new grown Wonder Woman using her Dyson!!!

your secret pal said...

Where can you get those? That's AWESOME! :)

Squawker Girl said...

To my Secret Pal: I got these in the store. They have tons of cool stuff.

To Crazy Cat Person: I may just post that picture for you....or at least one of the best vacuum cleaner in the world.