Sunday, September 10, 2006

Oh, Foxy Lady!

I see you, heh, on down on the scene...ooh, Foxy Lady!

Here she is! I finally got her on film! (Well, digital) She's absolutely beautiful, and finally made a full fledged appearance above her wood chip pile den.

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She took a little nap, even feeling relaxed enough to stretch out.

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I think if you click on the pics you can get them to show more detail on your monitor. I tried to get as close as I could without scaring her. We didn't want her to feel threatened (Sadie is bad enough) and want her to keep her den in our backyard.

Last night I heard her kits yipping, and earlier this morning she was out but went running when she saw the dog. When I was taking the pictures from out back, she eventually turned and looked at me. I stayed as still as I could while she watched me. Then she casually got up and went over the to the other side of the wood chips. We spotted her later, back on top of her den, so I was happy to see my presence didn't keep her away.

Crazy Cat Person, if you only stayed a few more minutes you would have seen her live and in person! Damn your naps!

P.S. I broke the yarn vows. KnitPicks was having a sale. I am saying it here, in a non yarn related post, so hopefully no one catches me!

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Crazy Cat Person said...

I like how you chose a Jimi Hendrix song! Always back to the cool 60's!!