Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Torture Ride

AKA... The Ride to the Vet.

Fall brings in the cool weather, the colorfully changing leaves, and the trip to the V-E-T 25 miles away. 25 loooooonnnng miles down the highway and then back roads to Dr. Bailey. Oh, that's 3 long trips...because I can't have the dog go with either cat, and I can't handle two screaming cats in the car.

First to go was Squawker. She did her usual crying alternating with a torturous squawk down and back. Then it was the Big Bad Doggy Sister... the 72 pound tough girl who shook the entire way and then hid under two chairs in the exam room. And finally, it was Handsome, my boy, my first love. Typically he meows the whole way down and back like his kitty sister, and at the vet he socializes with the other cats, easily forgetting the ride in the car. (He's a friendly boy, ya know. Remember, he hung out with the Winter Hill Gang in the city).

But this time, something changed. Something was different about Handsome during that ride. He started with the meowing, then meowing with emphasis, and then screaming. I would alternate between talking to him and plain out ignoring him, because I wasn't sure which was better. Turns out neither, because when we got onto the highway he began to spin in circles at a furious rate in the carrier, sending the carrier rocking from side to side. And he would howl while spinning.

During the visit, he was the bravest of the animal children in the exam room. He ventured out from the carrier and sniffed the room. But he was not interested in heading into the back room like he normally does where the resident cats hang out.

The ride back was no better. Again, on the highway, his spinning begun then he abruptly stopped while placing his paws on the side of the carrier. At first glance, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me because he appeared to be upside down, hanging onto the top of the carrier. And sure enough, as I noticed his face was laying in the wrong direction and I could see the white stripe of his belly clear as day I knew that he placed himself on his back. He stayed this way until we got home. It was quite dramatic.

When I got him into Kitty Land, he sauntered out of the carrier with is normal swagger and headed for the food dishes. All was back in order and right side up.

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Crazy Cat Person said...

Maybe next time you can make his appointment for a Saturday morning. I will gladly come up and help with the ride/drive. Maybe if he has a familiar hand patting him, he will be calmer. This technique helps the Lum.